My father had a retail store in Kongolo.  One of the items he sold is beautiful African Raffia fabric by the yard.  In Africa, woman wore Raffia clothes.  Raffia is an African textile designed by the Congo people.

Our home was situated near the shop, as I am a daring person who takes risk; I decided to test my German Shepherd dog “Rita”.   I saw two ladies walking towards my dad shop, and I gave commend to my dog “Rita attack”, and in my surprise “Rita” went after the ladies and rip their raffia clothes.  I got scared and run in the house, hid under a table in the living room.  I knew I was in big trouble.

My father was not very happy with me.  He apologied to the ladies, and gave each one of them a new Raffia fabric of their choice.  I am glad he did not hurt the ladies.

My lesson is don’t ever test your dog on people.


Aurevoir Rita

It was another day, coming home from school, my German Shepherd “Rita” was tied to the tree.  As I approached the house, I climb the tree, took the hook off from the tree still holding the chain and said “okay you can go, Rita” at the same time, she see’s a cat and runs after it.  I am still hold the hook from the chain, which rips off my finger.

I was screaming and crying, my dad runs over picks me up and takes me to the doctor.

My lesson, never say to your dog “okay you can go” unless you are really ready.

Rita was my friend, she was our protector, she was our guard dog, but the day we had to rush and leave our home with what we were wearing, I knew then at the age 10 years old I will never see rita again.